The Birth of Us

In 2004, at a time when e-commerce was just developing, our company was founded. The era of Internet shopping had also arrived, and we were growing rapidly.


The birth of brand

As the company grew and the market matured, we realized that we needed the power of the brand more than ever, so we created the Tomshoo brand, which means Tomorrow coming soon, for better tomorrow. Unfortunately, at first, the brand did not have a direct online store where we could buy it.

New Begin

Online Store Set Up

We were surprised to find that the previous brand websites did not meet our needs for products, and users craved a simpler way to buy and better brand service, so in October 2020, the Tomshoo online store was established for this particular year. Although the online store was established not long ago, our products, our service, and our history, are worthy of your purchase.