TOMSHOO Hip Exercise Bands Sliding Tray Set

$34.99 $54.99
  • This Hip Exercise Bands Sliding Tray Set has two ip Exercise Bands and two Exercise Sliders. which are compact and easy to carry. With the Hip Exercise Bands product, you can achieve preheating and activate muscles, strengthen and adjust the strength of the legs and hips without additional equipment. This product can be used to enhance your strength at home or on the go. The Exercise Sliders can be used to adjust your fitness posture to help shape your abs, chest, arms, legs and shoulders. Lump, plank, push-ups and any other exercise training, stretching the entire body, double-sided for any surface. The product is suitable for men and women, sports enthusiasts, slimming bodybuilding.
  • Features:
  • 1. Function and effect: Using TOMSHOO Hip Exercise Bands and Exercise Sliders Set products, it can preheat and activate muscles, strengthen and adjust the core strength of legs, hips, limbs, abdomen and back without additional equipment. Use your own workouts at home or on the go to increase your strength. Suitable for men and women fitness enthusiasts at all levels.
  • 2. High quality: The beautiful buttocks are made of pure cotton and rubber bands. After strict quality and life test, the elastic strength is not deformed and the resistance level is maintained. The sliding disc is made of environmentally-friendly ABS injection molding, which is made of high-precision polishing. The product has a mirror effect, and the other side is a comfortable EVA cotton.
  • 3. Meet different needs, no rolling and sliding: TOMSHOO Hip Exercise Band is very suitable for multiple sports, they will not roll up like latex belt, the product is sturdy and durable, the inside has anti-skid latex wire to maintain the position of the beautiful hip belt. But it won't pinch your skin or damage your clothes. Suitable for different stretching levels: short length 12.5 inches, ultimate pull force 120 lbs, large 14.2 inches, ultimate pull 260 lbs.
  • 4. The sliding disc is suitable for any surface: the smooth side of the sliding disc is suitable for carpet, lawn, hardwood floor or tile floor, so that you can exercise anywhere. The product may have scratches after use, but it will not affect the product. use.
  • 5. Commitment and Guarantee: We are committed to providing high quality and cost-effective products and services. If you encounter any problems after purchase, please contact us in time to support you 24 hours a day.
  • Specifications:
  • Material: Hip Exercise Bands: cotton, elastic, latex
  • Exercise Sliders: ABS, EVA
  • Product weight: 370G
  • Package weight: 380G
  • Dimension:
  • Exercise Sliders: 17.7*17.7*0.4CM 
  • Hip Exercise Bands: 32*8.3*0.5CM, 36.5*8.3*0.5CM
  • Product packaging size: 24*25*4CM
  • Package List:
  • Hip Exercise Bands *2
  • Exercise Sliders * 2
  • Polyester Cloth bag *1

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